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I received my BA in Special Education from Sacred Heart College in Belmont, NC in 1983.

After teaching for several years, I initiated Exceptional Children's resource support services at Sacred Heart School in Salisbury, NC and at Saint Mary's in Wilmington, NC, providing one-on-one aid for children with various special needs. I continued working in parochial schools in North Carolina for many years, assisting children with learning disabilities to achieve academic success.

Since 1991, I have been in the private sector, as an independent practitioner, as well as a contributing member of a multidisciplinary teams. I have provided academic evaluations, individual educational therapy and parent/teacher consultations for children struggling with many learning challenges.

My skills as a child advocate, understanding of the school system and ability to collaborate with other professionals enable me to empower children to succeed.

I also work as a distributor for Juice Plus+.  Juice Plus+ is an all-natural, whole food based nutritional product made by juicing a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, then concentrating the juices into powders by using a proprietary, low-temperature process.  It comes in both capsule and chewable form.

If interested in learning more about Juice Plus+, please contact me.

Theresa Lloyd
Lloyd Educational Therapy
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