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Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy                                     Versus                     Content Tutoring

Takes a broader approach utilizing the
relationship between the therapist and                                  Often associated with one subject
student and emphasizing the child’s
strengths while addressing academic

Provides remediation of learning Provides support services designed
disorders. Addressing the underlying    designed to help the child meet grade  
learning processing systematically and  level expectations in subject areas
focuses on thinking process such as
auditory/visual memory, fluency and
phonological processing

Provides individualized instruction Tutors at learning center follow a set 
developed according to the needs of the program or curriculum carried out in a
child and help the child feel safe and small group setting out in a small group 
comfortable in his learning environment setting

Treatment plans are individualized to Learning centers are typically goal
accommodate goals dependent on specific oriented (e.g. passing EOG’s, grades on
deficit areas identified. Therapy continues report cards)
until remediation occurs and/or student
achieves independence and success in
his learning environment

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Lloyd Educational Therapy
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